Experience excellence in service when you visit us!

I offer a wide variety of top quality services to fit your needs. My experience will help you determine the best services for your needs and deliver the kind of quality and value you expect from a professional hair salon. My location is designed to make your experience enjoyable and leave you feeling inspired! Check out my complete service menu below to get a feel for what I do. Please note: Service prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Hair Cutting and Styling

Services to meet your hair cutting and styling needs.

Hair Cuts for Women

Starting at $48
Basic hair cuts are available for women to keep your locks even and trimmed. Get rid of unsightly split ends and encourage hair growth with regular trims from a professional stylist. You will love the way you look!

Hair Cuts for Men

Starting at $31
Basic hair cuts are available for men which may employ scissors or an electric trimmer to clean up your look and make you feel refreshed and ready for a new day. Tammie will get you in and out in a minimum of time and ensure you look your very best. Finish with a salon styling product.

Facial Grooming and Touch Ups

This professional hair salon offers a  beard or moustache trim with scissors or trimmers to make you look and feel great. 

Childrens Haircuts

Starting at $28
This salon offers a kid-friendly stylist and is trained to provide hair services for children of all ages. I understand that children may be fearful, impatient or squirmy but I will work with them with compassion and patience for a memorable and positive experience.

Professional Hair Styling for Women

Starting at $35
Professional styling services are available from a highly trained stylist. From traditional, classic looks to more expressive modern approaches incorporating advanced techniques... I can create just the look you are hoping for with a combination of impeccable technique and the finest hair care products available only in salons.

Professional Hair Styling for Men

Starting at $15
Get that sharp and polished look with a professional styling service from a professional stylist. I can help you arrive at the look you want to achieve and deliver a flawless style with clean lines and layering. Whatever your style is, I can help you find a look that will complement your wardrobe and help you make maximum impact for that big meeting or special date.

Hair Dry Blowouts

Starting at $25
When you just want to look your best for the day or night out, stop by for an ala-carte blowout. You will leave with perfectly styled hair.

Hair Color

Expert coloring and highlighting services by your professional stylist, Tammie.

Hair Coloring and Highlights

Staring at $85
Professional hair coloring and highlighting services are available using the highest quality products available only through professional salons. Call for a consultation to discuss your hair color goals and we will develop a plan to reach your objectives.

Hair Texturing

Quality texturing services and products for beautiful hair.

Pure Brazilian- Clear 


Pricing is determined by length of hair

Pure Brazilian clear solution is a plant based formula that reduces frizz and gives shine through an amino acid bonding sytem. The treatment lasts up to 12 weeks for smoother, healthier hair with more shine. Blow dry time will be significantly less time. 

Other Hair Services

Other hair services to make you look your best.

Hair Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment

Shampoo, conditioning and hair cleansing services for dirty, greasy, dry or damaged hair. Add a shampoo and conditioning treatment before your styling service and enjoy a relaxing scalp massage as I lather and rinse your hair with top-quality products.


I recommend you call (916) 936-9044 or email tammietrapp@yahoo.com to schedule an appointment, however walk-ins are welcome.